Composite-polymer Cover Lens
AG / AR / AF
Printing & CNC
3D curve forming
High anti-scratching durability
Preventing from Yellowish
IMD film / IMF Film
IMD film / IMF film Customized
Composite IMD film/IMF film
Leading manufacturer providing plastic cover lens
EnFlex established in 2009 with the key technology in polymer science / engineering and optical surface coating. With the mature co-extrusion process to provide the PMMA/PC sheet for automotive industry. The product EnFlex produces has outstanding impact resistance and light weight. It can be applied in all kinds of display application. For example, 3C product, general display and automotive .... more
Eco-Friendly Policy: EnFlex have International protection certification, RoHS, Reach. EnFlex is sponsor of Ping Zhen High School Baseball team as well. EnFlex provide all young athlete in.....
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